Stop the White Man March on 15th August


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On Saturday 15th August, fascists from across the UK will descend on Liverpool for the White Man March, which they hope will be the biggest explicitly neo-Nazi seen in this country in decades.

The first White Man March was held in Newcastle in March. Around 100 neo-Nazis marched through the city before burning gay, communist and Israeli flags, screaming “Hitler was right” and sieg-heiling at counter-protestors. Yesterday a far right demo in Rotherham took place, with a large proportion of attendees openly Nazi, and attracting about 150 people. The organisers of the White Man March are hoping to attract even more people to Liverpool.

The White Man March is organised primarily by members of neo-Nazi youth group National Action, but the march will also be attended by members of the Misanthropic Division, the North West Infidels, National Rebirth of Poland and the British Movement.

A lot of the supporters of these groups are loners making threats from behind their keyboards, but they do pose a physical threat and they will grow in confidence the longer they are left unchallenged. National Action supporter Zack Davies was recently found guilty of attempted murder after stabbing a Sikh man in a supermarket, and members of the North West Infidels have attacked anti-fascists and striking workers in Liverpool.

History has shown that Nazis need to be confronted head on, so they don’t have the space to spread their racist bile and grow in size and confidence. Given the chance, they will attack workers’ organisations, ethnic minorities, LGBT people and anyone else they perceive as their enemy.

The Facebook event for the AFN’s counter-demo can be found here. If you have any questions, please contact us at

Thoughts on yesterday’s demo


Thanks to everyone who came out yesterday. The level of policing was ridiculous, with dogs and horses used to prevent us getting near to the EDL and antifascists given dispersal orders so they had to leave the city, so there are definitely conversations to be had about how to react in the face of that level of police repression.

The EDL got out around 200 people, which is a fraction of what they could once get on the street, and 0.1% of the number who marched in London against austerity two weeks ago, but any racist march is still a threat to our communities.

The EDL leadership claim that they are only against “Muslim extremists” but as always, EDL members were dishing out widespread and indiscriminate racist abuse. They claimed they didn’t want to disrupt Pride, but queer anti-racists were subject to homophobic abuse.

We need to talk about tactics for demonstrations, but as important in fighting fascism are the day-to-day efforts we’re making to work across communities to fight for real change – not blaming Muslims or migrants for our working and living conditions but working with those in our workplaces and communities to fight for a better life for all of us.

SAFN plans to meet soon to discuss what lessons we can draw from today and to continue to plan for future anti-fascist activity, like the White Man March on 15th August in Liverpool.

All out on Saturday! Details for our demo against the EDL


The EDL are coming to Sheffield this Saturday. We are assembling at the junction of Howard Street and Arundel Gate at 1pm, so tell your mates and come join us.

A note on safety: There will be lots of racist thugs in town, getting increasingly drunk from the morning, so look after yourselves and your friends. The EDL plan on drinking in a number of pubs including the Graduate, the Old Monk and the Norfolk Arms.

Travel in groups to the demo, and think about putting banners etc away until you arrive. If you have any information on the activities of the EDL on the day, send us a message on Facebook or tweet @sheffieldafn

Stop the EDL in Sheffield!


Stop the EDL

The English Defence League are planning on coming to Sheffield on 4th July and we’ll be on the streets to show them they’re not welcome.

Whenever the EDL are in town their members intimidate and racially abuse locals, and we find their exploitation of the serious issue of child abuse to whip up racial hatred especially egregious. They have nothing to say about child abuse perpetrated by white people, or the effects of cuts and austerity on child protection, but just seek to use the issue for political gain.

We will not succumb to bigoted, dangerous and hateful hijacking of the experience of survivors of abuse, and we will not let nationalism and racism divide our class.

We need working class unity between black and white and people of different faiths, and none, in order to resist the driving down of our living standards by the ruling class. Integration and mutual support between different communities can be based on solidarity and opposition to the rich and powerful who benefit from our divisions: the Government and profiteers who axe the jobs we need to survive, neglect our homes, and dismantle the public services that help us to live together safely and collectively.

A guide to the far right in Sheffield


UK Aktion have produced a handy guide to the UK’s far right. Some of the groups are too exotic to spot in Sheffield, and some (ahem, Casuals, ahem) barely exist outside their own overactive imaginations, but there are some that local anti-fascists should be aware of.

English Defence League

The EDL have been the far right group with the most active members in Sheffield over the last few years, but most of that activity has been travelling to EDL demos elsewhere. Their appearances in Sheffield have been rather shambolic e.g. protesting against Halal meat outside a KFC which didn’t sell Halal meat, marching against a new mosque that turned out to be a KFC and being prevented from marching by antifascists. They have also been beset by internal feuding, with one member being accused of bringing a gang to attack another member at his house, and another of robbing a collection box. Continue reading

Anti-Fascist Network statement on the far-right and the Rotherham scandal


Via Anti-Fascist Network

It is the responsibility of anti-racists and anti-fascists to break the silence on the nature of the far-right’s presence in Rotherham.

By now virtually everyone in the country must be acquainted with the horrific details of the child sex abuse in Rotherham. As far as the extreme-right are concerned this is the perfect storm: a gang of Asian men with the connivance of ‘politically correct’ authorities engaged in systematic abuse of young white girls. The mainstream media are effectively spouting EDL press releases, while the EDL themselves accuse all those who oppose them of condoning paedophilia. Meanwhile, the whole spectrum of extreme right-wing groups have taken up residence in Rotherham, establishing a permanent camp outside the police station and holding marches and demonstrations through the town, all building up to today’s large ‘unity’ demonstration of all the racist groups.

The far-right have swarmed on this issue solely to push their own divisive and racist agenda. For all the crocodile tears shed for the children of Rotherham they remain silent on all child abuse unless it involves Muslims. If their concern for victims of child abuse was genuine, why restrict their campaign to Rotherham? Why not march against the systematic abuse perpetrated by the clergy, especially that of the Catholic church? Why have they not campaigned for the release of the “lost” Whitehall files relating to abuse and cover-ups at the heart of the British government?

Continue reading

Britain First flop in Dronfield

Like the Ryanair of the far right, Britain First claimed they were coming to Sheffield but yesterday held their meeting a few miles away in Dronfield, Derbyshire. The landlord of the pub they were meant to be meeting at cancelled when he found out who they were so about 20 of them (some of them journalists) met on a patch of grass by Dronfield station!

Today is day 4 of the Britain First roadshow and they haven’t managed anywhere to get a crowd of more than 20 people, including Dowson, Golding and their uniformed travelling goons.