Thoughts on yesterday’s demo


Thanks to everyone who came out yesterday. The level of policing was ridiculous, with dogs and horses used to prevent us getting near to the EDL and antifascists given dispersal orders so they had to leave the city, so there are definitely conversations to be had about how to react in the face of that level of police repression.

The EDL got out around 200 people, which is a fraction of what they could once get on the street, and 0.1% of the number who marched in London against austerity two weeks ago, but any racist march is still a threat to our communities.

The EDL leadership claim that they are only against “Muslim extremists” but as always, EDL members were dishing out widespread and indiscriminate racist abuse. They claimed they didn’t want to disrupt Pride, but queer anti-racists were subject to homophobic abuse.

We need to talk about tactics for demonstrations, but as important in fighting fascism are the day-to-day efforts we’re making to work across communities to fight for real change – not blaming Muslims or migrants for our working and living conditions but working with those in our workplaces and communities to fight for a better life for all of us.

SAFN plans to meet soon to discuss what lessons we can draw from today and to continue to plan for future anti-fascist activity, like the White Man March on 15th August in Liverpool.

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